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    The UK government is proposing to introduce E10 fuel in 2021. This will mean fuels could contain up to 10% ethanol, currently up to 5%. Below are a couple of links that you may find useful.
    Government consultation
    FBHVC position statement


    Certainly a worrying trend from the politicians. When the whole of the classic car/vehicle movement only accounts for .1% of the CO2 produced, how long will it be before the petrol producers decide that it isn’t economically viable to refine two grades of fuel and concentrate on the mass-market represented by E10 petrol?

    Or should we go the whole way and just convert all of our petrol machinery to electric now and have done with it?


    Seen on another forum
    The Government will continue to make fuel containing five per cent bioethanol available for owners of historic vehicles. It’s good news for classic car owners, who feared they would be forced to use fuel containing 10 per cent bioethanol, which can be harmful to older vehicles.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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