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    Hi Team
    I meet some of you at the GDSF last year, I have an iron horse that has not run for sometime, got spark and compression, i think I need a new carb or a service on the existing, all the jets look chewed up. has anyone got suggestions.

    cheers Jerry


    If it has a JAP 5 engine the usual carburettor was a Zenith 24T-2. This was also fitted to the petrol versions of the grey Ferguson T-20 series of tractors so any of the professional tractor parts suppliers should be able to supply a new carb. Try Agriline, they are usually pretty good.

    You will need to change the jets over though- unless somebody’s been heavy handed with your existing jets you should be able to remove them and put them in the new carburettor body; otherwise Agriline do a relatively inexpensive repair kit for the 24T-2.


    If you’re going down the new route be prepared for a shock , they’re in the region of £200 nowadays. Alternatively you could wait and source a secondhand one , but be careful they’re prone to butterfly wear giving erratic running and poor tickover. Whichever way you decide be sure to get one with the variable main jet, that way there will be no need to change jets’


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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