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Like Charlie says steel wheels with optional road bands were a alternative fitting on the Hoemate and I would also agree the best thing when not using your machine for a time is to put it up on timber blocks or axle stands to take weight off wheels. Also agree with joegraham on sunlight on tyres, keep them out of prolonged sunlight also I think a coat of tyre paint helps maintain tyre walls.
Various engines were used in the Hoemate when produced by BMB the JAP 2a 1HP and Briggs & Stratton 1HP were used. After production was taken over by Brockhouse the Brockhouse Sprytg engine was used which had been used by Brockhouse in the corgi mini airportable motorbikes these were still being produced for private use at the same time as the Hoemate.The only difference is the motorbike version is kick start while the Hoemate has a rope pull.As a result of motorbike production you will still see spares advertised for this engine.I would have thought you could drop across a sprytg engine or complete hoemate with patience.
Hope this helps
Joe Paget