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Remove the crankcase drain screw at the bottom of one of the alloy crankcase halves.This will drain any fuel residue laying at the bottom of the crankcase which will (or should !!) make starting better.When doing this do NOT pull the engine over with the starting rope in an attempt to speed the draining process as it may start and run out of control (due to over lean mixture / air entering engine where it should not).
The Villiers “Lightweight” carburettor has a small brass screw in the center of the throttle slide.Screwing it in weakens the mixture as it lowers the tapered needle and visa versa.Adjust this brass screw so that the tapered needle measures 2 and 3 eighths of an inch from the bottom of the slide.Just one more thing……make sure the engines main bearings (MS8 type) are in excellent order because if they are worn the flywheel WILL come loose and ignition timing will go out due to excess vibration.I have worked on many of these engines and you soon get to know when you are working on a good one !!!.Hope this helps.