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I regularly overhaul neglected Marquises with seized rear rollers and have developed a method using a few homemade tools. Most seizures result either from no lubrication at all or from being greased which has dried out in the roller bearing passages and prevents further lubrication. The roller bearings should ONLY BE OILED , not greased.
Remember that you are dealing with old cast iron, and act accordingly!
My method.
Cut the ned out of a 25l drum ,fill 2/3 full of diesel or kerosene.
Gently lower in the roller and top up to cover.
Leave for a week
Remove roller and secure one end leaving the other end to be turned. NOT by a bar poked through one of the lubricator access holes.
Try turning the free roller and work it back and forth while pulling it outward. Once it is free and off the shaft the battle is half won!!

Apologies for duplication of images but I cant find out how to remove it in edit!

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