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A bit more progress, The Eliminator is now knocked down into parts, if only it had been looked after, I always say if it stands still oil it and if it moves oil it some more, Photos whats left, engine and frame, removed the hand lift, someone may need it and is allot better than the hydraulic lift, everything needed heat and persuasion, spent ages getting the PTO shaft off the engine shaft only to find the UJs were shot so might as well gassed it off the hydro in the first place, the steering rack and pinion are good bearing was worn and loose, its different to the other two mowers as the pinion is a separate part on the end of the shaft and held on with a pin, note the worn UJ pin and the hole in the end of the PTO shaft if only they had put oil down it would have saved me some time trying to pull it apart, Eliminators heat shield is now altered and bolted to the bottom half of early two part heat shield of the H XL 11hp. the next job is to make the part that joins the shield underneath sort of a L shape that the PTO goes through this stops dirt being sucked up from underneath the mower.