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Well here we are over a year since that last post and just to say that I did not buy the Farmall but went and purchased an MG5 and TS42A. I thought this would be the answer to my dreams and would be living the easy life when competing, what a poor deluded fool I am.

Spent sometime on it and found it too uncomfortable plus I felt divorced from the action having spent so long walking behind the plough.

However, I have now decided that the old Trusty that has ben rusting in the field is coming into the workshop and be rebuilt ready for next season. The engine is good but thirsty and so I might change it if I can find a replacement. It’s on steel wheels but I have a pair of LR series 1 rims which will be adapted and some nice comfy rubber.

But my other motivation has been that I was the only Anzani at Chatsworth this year and looking at the scoring I know I did the best opening I had done for some time and that it was nice and straight. But the Anzani opening is always narrower than the Trusty and never as clean due to having a knife instead of a Disc.

So here goes, a project for the winter of rubbing down, cutting, fiddling and painting.

Bring it on.