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In the background is a drill press and my Clarke compressor/jump start pack behind that. Unless you’re referring to an earlier photo with the Tecumseh ignition tester in a purpose-made case?

Not home and dry yet, but much closer. I’m not too concerned about the surface rust on the crankshaft and camshaft gears. It can make things look much worse than they are, but the main concern will be the state of the big-end bearing surface. This weekend will be interesting!

I don’t suppose anybody reading this can identify any single part of this engine. I think it’s a one-off, probably hand built but using certain items off-the-shelf to speed up the build. That’s why I thought it looked similar to a Villiers because the cowlings seemed to follow their design, and they may well have been “borrowed” to fill a need, but very little else on this engine would suggest Villiers to me. The use of left-handed threads would suggest an engineer’s input because production would try to make the engine as simple and cheaply as possible; I forgot to mention that the governor shaft is located with a left-handed 5/16″ bolt as well as the flywheel nut.