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The first picture with the writing on looks like the wire should go to a kill switch that is activated by the throttle arm. They usually have a four position throttle that goes from Choke> Fast Idle> Tick over> Stop.
The wire should be live whilst the engine is running and it is earthed out by the throttle lever when the lever reaches the end of it’s travel. It should be fitted through the hole in the plate shown on your photo- first you push the plate away from you so that the bit with the hole in comes through the slot in the plate, you then pass the end of the wire through the hole and release the plate and it should grip the wire.
You must make sure that the assembly is electrically isolated from the rest of the engine, otherwise you won’t get a spark. To test for a spark you can disconnect the wire and put some tape over the exposed end; that will rule out the stop wire or it’s mounting.