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Hello, Will.

Thanks for your interest in Trusty equipment. The first 2-wheeled tractors were made in Broad Lane, Tottenham in 1933 starting with serial number 100 but they weren’t a great success with many of the first production of 25 being returned to works for modification. After a short break production was resumed and the serial numbers started at 200 with a more successful design.

The last one was sold in February 1968 and was serial number 14586, so there were quite a few made over the years. I’m afraid that I don’t know how they all split up into engine type, transmission type, etc. as there were so many different combinations and so many made it would be a thankless task. Engine types varied from the early tractors which could have either Villiers or Blackburne engines, through the war years with JAP5, JAP6 and Douglas SV54 as well as US built engines such as Briggs and Stratton ZZ and Wisconsin AEH, to post war tractors that still used JAP and Douglas engines as well as Norton Big Four engines.

Various one-offs were tried from time to time but the only make that seemed to be acceptable towards the end was Villiers in various sizes.

I hope that gives you some idea of your tractor’s history. If you let me know the serial I can put it on the register……..and don’t forget, there are two books about Trusty stuff available through the club!

Have a good show, Will!