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I agree. I have to say I feel a bit gloomy about it, but it might be possible to get it usable in some way. These seem rare, although they do not seem to sell for much. I had another look. The coffin-shaped box has largely disintegrated, and a few rusty tools and semi-oily chains and sprockets and things can be seen under it. There’s a (rusty!) tobacco tin in the works which seems to have a little dried up grease or something in it. Spare parts don’t seem to be particularlty common. The tin (sheet metal cowling) where I assume a starting handle goes has no middle, by the look.

I’ve got a amongst other things welder, a couple of gas torches, a press, some old tools, a big bucket of HCl and a sledge-hammer. Oh arr um.

Maybe if I can dig, literally, and drag this one out something else will turn up.