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I agree, that engine is definitely a JLO which was made in Germany in various sizes. Some of the larger JLO’s had steel cable as recoil rope and they were always associated with high power, low weight and long life, being fitted to many commercial mowers from the continent such as Dori. Unfortunately the company closed down on the mid-Nineties so parts supply may be awkward.

The importer of the engines into the British Isles used to be Industrial Power Units (IPU) who are still in existence in West Bromwich. They also imported Dori mowers at the time and their Sales Manager told me that JLO (pronounced ILO) was Esperanto for “A Good Tool”. Not too sure how much fiction was involved with that story but it does sound feasible.

Something else that I remember from the Eighties with the GT2 Flymo was that the wheel kit was an option and came in a separate box. After a while I think they were left with large stocks of wheel kits and they came through as standard when you ordered a GT2.