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Hello, Graham, thank you for taking the time to find us and ask the question.

The Trusty countershaft is reasonably easy to remove but be aware that it has probably been in position for many years, so getting it started may be a challenge! For those of you who may be reading this at a later time I will go through the sequence of screws and bolts from the beginning.

To start with, remove the circular casting on the right hand side of the transmission case; it has four bolts equi-spaced around it’s perimeter and the bolt heads are not captive so you will need a spanner or socket inserted through the chain sprocket inside the transmission case to stop the bolts spinning as you undo the nuts on the outside. This casting holds the countershaft bearing in position, so a lever behind it will normally start it moving but it shouldn’t fall off easily. Once off, this will expose a castellated nut which holds the bearing onto the shaft; remove the split pin and undo the nut, then use a bearing puller to remove the bearing.

This is the bit that most people miss- look inside the transmission case at the countershaft chainwheel that drives the left hand wheel. Wipe off all the gunge and underneath you should find a piece of locking wire wrapped around the parallel part of the sprocket; snip the wire off and rotate the sprocket and you should find a countersunk screw with a slotted head that the wire was holding in place- undo the screw and you will find it has a spigot on the end that locates in a hole in the phosphor bronze bush in the centre of the sprocket.

Once all of these are undone it should just be a matter of striking it with a hammer from the right hand side, but find something that will fit over the thread so that your hammer blows will be acting on the shoulder at the base of the thread. Alternatively you could try wedging it underneath the pulley flange on the left hand side- either way will work.

Some time last year somebody was advertising new old stock Trusty countershafts on that well known auction site; does anybody know who it was? I think they were located in Nottinghamshire.