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Photo’s of the parts listing for you. If you let me know the serial number I can tell you where and when it was sold.

By the way- I’ve just seen another posting of yours and you describe the engine as a Norton 16H. Tractors (London) Ltd. had a very good working relationship with Nortons and always used the Big Four in various types, so please don’t try ordering 16H parts for it because they won’t fit! Similarly, the Big Four engine fitted to the 2-wheel tractor was a special build from Nortons and intended from the outset to be an industrial unit- the head was cast iron and the vanes went from side-to-side, it was fitted with a Wico A magneto, had a square valve chest cover and a parallel crankshaft, so if you find one please be aware that not all of the parts will transfer over. The Big Four fitted to the Steed was a motorcycle engine with aluminium head, vanes running front-to-back, a BTH magneto, oval valve chest cover and tapered crankshaft; they were probably war surplus stock that the army were selling off cheaply.

I hope that helps. Happy New Year!