Vintage Horticultural Ploughing Rules


All models of tractor must have been in production  before 31st  December 1959.


2. PLOUGHS – SINGLE FURROW ONLY – Maximum length of mouldboard 36”

a.   Mounted or trailing ploughs may be used that were in production before 31st December, 1959

b.   Plough bodies to be designed for plough at time of manufacture.

c.   Only one right-hand skimmer and a one piece tailpiece allowed – no other attachments allowed.

d.   Extraneous attachments that manipulate the furrows or scratches are not allowed.



a.   20 minutes for opening. Penalty for failure to finish opening on time – 2 points per minute or part minute.

b.   40 minutes for openings to be judged.

c.   4 hours to complete the plot.

d.   15 minutes for any cast-off made after commencement of ploughing.

e.   Penalty for failure to finish plot at finish signal – 10 points per minute or part minute.



a.   Double opening split – no land left unturned.

b.   On grassland there is no opening.



a.   The start shall consist of the first 6 furrows.

b.   Competitors must cast towards the next highest numbered plot.



a.   The finish shall consist of the last 6 furrows.

b.   The last furrow to be ploughed towards competitors’ own start.



Depth to be reached on completion of start and adhered to until commencing the finish. Minimum depth 12 cm.


 a.   The first and second runs next to the neighbours plot will be allowed as straightening furrows and will not be judged.

 b. Rolling of furrows or scratches is  not allowed.  Penalty – 20 points deduction.

 c.   Twin tractor wheels  not allowed.

 d.   Three sighting poles only (one can be placed on the headland) – assistance to set and remove is allowed.  No other assistance allowed including no assistance by signal, radio contact, mobile phone or any other method.

 e.   Handling, shaping or treading of scratches or furrows is  not allowed.

 f.    Maximum of two wheel marks allowed at the finish (note: if two wheel marks, they must be on the neighbours side of the finish).

 g.   Only the competitor allowed to clean the plot of straw, stones, etc.  Clearing stubble is not allowed and will be penalized

h.   Competitors must produce evidence of age of tractor if requested

i. The use of Global Positioning Technology, laser beams or any other electronic or computerised measuring devices are not allowed.

 j.   Any abuse or dispute by a competitor with an official or fellow competitor is not acceptable.  Penalty – 20 points.

k.   Plough must not be put in the ground on the site other than when ploughing the plot.

Penalty – disqualification.


a.   Passengers not allowed on tractors or ploughs at any time

b.   Society of Ploughmen Safety Policy must be adhered to at all times.



Any question arising and not provided for in these rules shall be decided by the Executive

Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.

3 responses to Vintage Horticultural Ploughing Rules

  1. Over recent years the trailed plough and ride on tractor is becoming the accepted normal for Horticultural ploughing, mainly the Ransomes TS 42 plough, over the years some poughs have been fitted with different mouldboards this has lead to some strange combinations, that were not fitted at time of manufacture and therefore not legal for vintage horticultural ploughing attached is a page from the TS42 manual showing the boards that are allowed to qualify or compete in the National Championship. This rule applies to other makes of plough also a trusty plough should be fitted with a trusty board, and so on. so if you want to plough with a Ransome YL167 board it should be on a Ransome plough ,

    Also attached is a list of approved Vintage Horticultural Tractors and a copy of the rules.

    So if you wish to Qualify or plough in nationals please ensure your plough and Tractor conforms to the above,

    Thanks Sam Hitchman (VHGMC Ploughing Co-ordinator)

  2. Just to clarify things, does that also mean that a board for a TS42 cannot be fitted to an Anzani plough and should be genuine Anzani.

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