Guidelines for Ploughmen

Guidelines for Competitors are laid out below- we hope that they clear up a few points that may cause dispute at some events.

1.         Discs/skimmers/tailpieces can be of different make.

2.         Weights can be used on tractors or ploughs.

3.         Adjustable stays on plough mouldboards are allowed.

4.         Quick entry or slotted top links are allowed.

5.         Extended wheel axles are allowed.

6.         Screw adjustments on cross shafts are allowed.

7.         Modified plough shares are allowed.

8.         Chains and lats not allowed.

9.         Two-piece adjustable tailpieces are not allowed.

10.        Only approved manufacturer’s diesel engines allowed.

11.        Hydraulic top links and other hydraulic rams are not allowed.

12.         Drawbars with hydraulic movement are not allowed.

13.         Four wheel drive conversions are not allowed.

 These are guidelines issued by the Society of Ploughmen.

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