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Any idea the manufacturers of the Hop dusters on display at Malvern ?
With regard to your sprayer I think there is one very similar currently advertised on a certain auction site manufactured by either Weeks or Drake and Fletcher

I do not think the Hop Duster will be finished in time for Biddenden, but perhaps next year, it would be about a 300 mile round trip for me .The tinwork is pretty bad and wind blowing through when I collected removed all old bird nests, straw etc to reveal agitator brushs in hopper.

Scanning all old adverts would be very informative,there was a wide range of equipment made specifically to meet needs of fruit,market garden and hopyard growers. I have a very narrow Ransome dauntless hop yard cultivator for working between hop rows and did at one time have a Onnerley Implement Hop yard Manure spreader which was only 30 inchs wide.

I unfortunately missed Malvern and seeing the photographs of what was there makes it even worse !!!!!
regards FP