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I used to subscribe to F&HEq when it was an independent magazine and have most copies except a few very early ones. The amalgamation of F&HEq into T&M was carried out with no customer consultation, (ie with us the subscriber and reader), and I forecast then this action was the commencement of a run down leading to closing its publication completely. This has now proven to be true and I suspect that as a result fewer people will subscribe to T&M.
The result is that The Cultivator is not only the leading magazine for our hobby but the only UK publication with specific garden and horticultural equipment specialisation. This makes it all the more important we support the new editor with quality articles and photographs relating to our experiences. The Cultivator will only continue in accordance with the level of members support. Over the years many members have said to me “I can’t write ought” or “I can’t spell”. My reaction is you don’t need to! You can talk so just write down what you would say and let the editor edit it for both grammar and spelling. No excuses, keep the articles coming, your Cultivator needs you!
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