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I seem to remember being told that the initial layer of oxide/corrosion would protect the underlying metal from further deterioration . That was the theory but in practice it does seem a bit different.
That said, the acids produced by a damp poultice of festering grass (and worse!) does seem to have the ability to corrode things like spindle housings to the point of destruction. “In season” in practical terms there is not a lot that you can do – weekly under deck hosing or pressure washing is not only a messy operation but can have undesirable effects to bearings etc.
Out of season with a dry deck I would suggest dry cleaning with a scraper and stiff brush (not wire) to clean off the crud but leaving the oxide layer and then give the housings a heavy coat of a waxoyl type product or heavy grease to exclude air.
When I was in business we used to coat the underside of “winter service” decks with “soft grease” -a brew much loved by the military back in the 50/60s for coating the underside of “mothballed”equipment and made by mixing heavy grease and engine oil and stirring to a semi fluid consistency and liberally applying with a wide paint brush. Our lubricant supplier used to offer us dented and damaged drums of grease at an acceptable price!