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Forgot to attach the bit of info on electronic ignition I was sent this.

Here’s a write up on how the Briggs electronic coils work to advance the timing at higher rpms. I suspect your coil on the weak side is out of spec.

“The simple, but very effective, spark control system advances the ignition timing, causing the plug to fire earlier (in degrees of crank rotation) as RPMs go up. The faster you spin the magnet on the flywheel past the trigger and primary windings in the coil, the greater the potential voltage that is developed. Since it only takes about 1.0 volts from the trigger coil to turn the Darlington control transistor on (and off), the faster (in terms of crank rotation degrees) the potential builds to the required 1.0 volts, the earlier the induced current in the primary side of the coil will begin to build. And likewise, the earlier the trigger coil potential reaches the 1.0 volts and fires the plug.”

A standard inductive timing light might tell the story here.