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Angus, it does look like Beta did marine engines and a lot of other applications – the internet turns up all sorts of things!

I have some 1980s adverts for Italian mowers by Concord-Mechanica with Beta engines, although they also had B&S and Tecumseh. John Harston and also Central Spares Ltd imported them. In 1985 the Saturn 21″ had a 4.4hp Beta 2-stroke at £580+vat BUT a HTJ report says it is a Lombardini 4.4hp instead of Beta….was Beta based on Lambardini or vice-versa? Or did the HTJ report accidentally put Lombardini! Interesting anyway.

Thanks for mentioning Poulan, I looked in newspaper archives for Poulan and adverts for their chainsaws stretch back to the 1960s and advertise them as being ‘The quality saw from Sweden’. In 1980 Chain Saw Products of Manchester were selling the Poulan saws from 32-85cc.