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My grand father had a MG 6 with two furrow Ransomes plough, discs and harrow, he ran on top and not letting a track drop in the furrow if he did often ran the track off, you need right conditions and kind land, fixed swinging drawbars is a no no with crawlers as the plough will steer the tractor it must pull from amidships under the tractor, fixed if you turn left the drawbar goes to the right, not a problem with a light plough but with something heavy it will over time wreck the ploughs frame especially the ploughs drawbar, I like to see all pins and pivots tight, theres nothing more satisfying not having to steer much especially with only brakes as steering pulls down available pulling power unlike steering clutches. we had one of the first 1941 Cat D7 7M agri version open flywheel and clutch first ones ever with hydraulic assisted steering clutches, so easy to use, and the last of the Hexatracks that were strengthened and heavier and on our heavy soil light ploughs use to wander and do all sorts of horrible things to make a mess, but with weight you just pull the lever and go. Utube.