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Thanks for the encouragement, I finally got it off but it fought me right to the end.

I got another socket snug inside the box section so that made the puller a lot stronger.

To finally get it moving I had to put a flat head screwdriver at 12, 3, 6 & 9 O’Clock to separate the plate slightly. Then thread the central bolt back in and smack it a good 10 times. It moved a few mm from the hammering. After that, screwdrivers out and puller reattached and it started to creep off.

The shaft has a small bit of corrosion but nothing that should have made it such a struggle. It will get a good clean and grease before going back on.

I can see two problems with the clutch. The right hand spring is very loose and both springs will need to be replaced. Also, the lining (if that’s what it’s called) has worn/corroded/broken.

I’m inclined to think the spring is what was causing the problem and not the lining. There were no broken bits of lining inside so I don’t think it’s something that has happened recently,

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

trusty220, I am in County Cavan, Ireland