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Just as well that your ” local guy” didn’t end up with a ring of flywheel and the centre still on the crank. Using any sort of legged puller ( if that’s what he did) on your Kohler or any similar flywheel is an absolute no, no. If the flywheel is drilled and tapped near the centre, make up a puller with a bit of flat plate and two set screws to bear on the end of the crank ( protected by the flywheel nut), wind it up tight and give it a sharp tap with a hammer. Maybe, also warm the centre of the flywheel up but remember what’s behind it!
Points, the recommended setting is 20 thou.
You can use an external automotive type coil but you will need a battery and have to give it a charge now and again. Better to stay standard. Before you get carried away doing that, take the points off and give them a thorough clean, make sure that they are shutting square to one another and set the gap accurately, better a bit tight than wide as I have had a couple that have run better nearer 18 thou than a sloppy 20. Also try checking the spark with the points cover removed.